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BenchCoRE is one of the industry’s leading providers of corporate real estate benchmarking and analytics

Join our exclusive community of forward-thinking corporate real estate organizations

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Join our community of 50 member organizations, including global leaders in Technology, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing and Professional Services.

Members receive access to our powerful, intuitive web-based benchmarking service that lets you run millions of possible reports; our customized opportunity reports and publications; and our user conference where you learn best practices from your peers.

Use our benchmarking service to set targets, identify opportunities, and track performance

You provide us with your real estate portfolio data. We validate it together, and then upload to our system.

From there, you can run any one of 18 different report types against millions of possible filters, including region, country, province or city; asset class; ownership type; or facility size.

Our web-based system is extremely intuitive and provides instantaneous results. You can save our reports and download data into an Excel file for further analysis.

Every member receives one complimentary Opportunity Report with the subscription

You specify your desired geography, asset class and up to 2 comparison cohorts, and we provide you with a professionally packaged set of metrics comparing you against your peers.

Our reports have helped our members establish fact-based portfolio targets, identify and quantify millions of dollars in savings opportunity, and prioritize strategic initiatives. Additional, custom reports available upon request.

Learn directly from your peers at our annual conference

At our annual conference, members get together to learn about best practices.

We tie together qualitative narratives on best practices with “hard” benchmarking data so you can see the direct link between practices and outcomes. Our members  come away with fresh ideas and insights, and motivation to try new initiatives.

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