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Data Collection

We streamline onboarding initiatives by working with you to compile relevant data from HR, accounting, finance, facilities, and more.


Data Validation

We run your data through our 52-step validation process to ensure it meets our standards of integrity.


Quality Control

We produce a quality control report to address data anomalies and work with you to clarify, correct, and collect all data.


Sign Off and Upload

We send over a final template for approval prior to uploading to our platform.


Data Enrichment

We take your data and enrich it so you can benchmark against your portfolio, your competitors, and the market.


Platform Intro

We walk you through how to best utilize the platform, generate reports, and interact with members in the Community.


Continued Support

We help you source information, generate customized reports, and format outputs to your unique reporting needs.


Portfolio Optimization

Upgrade to RefineRE for Portfolio Intelligence solutions, self-service analytics tools, and custom reporting software.

About the Data Foundations Team

We know wrangling real estate, headcount, and facilities data is a necessary component of workplace strategy. We also know it isn't easy.

That's why we created our Data Foundations Team to help you through every step of the process.

Who We Are

The Data Foundations Team is a concierge service that helps you clean, aggregate and process your data while maximizing system utilization. We are subject matter experts who understand how to extract relevant data from various internal data sources across organizational functions.

Data Collection

Our team is here to streamline onboarding initiatives by working with you to compile data. We process your raw reports in accordance with our requirements to ensure trusted and validated metrics.

Process Optimization

We work with you to provide best practices for internal data realignment by helping you develop an optimized process to organizing your data and document a scalable, repeatable process.

Aligned Partnership

The Data Foundations Team is your concierge service for streamlined data sourcing, reporting and customized solutions. Our best-in-class team is here to continue to support you in achieving your real estate and business goals.

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